Operation Clean Sweep

Pollution of our oceans by plastics and microplastics has regularly attracted attention in recent years and months. This global problem has been underestimated for a long time. Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is an initiative of the European plastics processing industry to strongly reduce the pollution of our environment starting already from the production phase. Bekina as a group of companies wishes to fulfil a leading role within the plastics sector with regard to this topic, and in a broader sense in the field of sustainability in general.

No contamination during discharge of pellets

For the injection moulding of our products, Bekina Indurub purchases plastic granules (pellets). During the delivery of these pellets it may happen that, for example, a bag tears. As a result, plastic pellets and dust may end up in the environment and thus in our waterways and the world’s oceans. In order to tackle this problem, ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ signage will soon be placed, equipped with the necessary cleaning materials.
In this way, we make all those involved (our own employees and truck drivers) aware of the need to clean up any loss of pellets immediately.

Plastic granules and dust within the company walls

The principle that no plastic granules or dust may enter the environment also applies within the company walls. Every day, our operators ensure that this dirt is vacuumed up inside our factory hall so that it cannot fly outside and end up in nature.
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