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Bekina® Indurub offers various solutions for slatted bases: Springsplate systems and the revolutionary Smartline collection. We distinguish ourselves by working with various spring designs and colours. In addition, we strengthen the spring designs with a wide range of designs.

Our wide range of spring elements includes various assembly systems. We offer solutions for wooden slatted bases, metal frames and manually or mechanically adjustable slatted bases. Depending on the type of slatted base, the spring elements can or cannot be stapled. Even top mounting and attachment using 1 assembly pin is an option. 

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Springs The material choices for the spring (S(E)BS/TPE-E) and the height of the suspension affect the flexibility, comfort and ergonomics.

Plate Systems Good mattress aeration thanks to intelligent design, available in varying hardnesses. No manual adjustment of the spring needed.

Smartline New! Discover the adjustability and the ease of use of our Smartline collection.