The future of the plastic mattress spring

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De Slaapraad VZW (the Sleep Council) is aiming to make everyone aware of the importance of sleeping well.

As part of this, they are highlighting the fact that a mattress needs to be replaced after ten years of use. With its Sleep Council Academies,  the Slaapraad is also focusing initiatives on professionals from the world of sleep. For example, last summer the Slaapraad visited Bekina® Indurub for a workshop on our latest innovation in the area of plastic mattress springs.

History of Bekina® Indurub

Bekina® Indurub was established in 1970. For the first 20 years, we worked with semi-automatic injection presses for the production of technical moulds for industrial applications. In the 90s, we switched to fully automatic injection presses. Thanks to this development and focus, custom plastic injection moulding is Bekina® Indurub’s main speciality today.

An illustration of the new plastic mattress spring (centre) and the firmness-adjustable Bekina® Indurub Smartline: a ‘traditional’ spring for slatted frames (left) and a pocket-spring system (right: Smart Teller).

Since the beginning of 2018 we have been able to offer our customers Cradle to Cradle-certified bed springs for slatted frames based on TPE-E (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer) and accessories in polyamide. This means that the articles made from these compounds can be reused without limit at the end of their lifecycle. That makes us, Bekina® Indurub, a pioneer among injection moulding specialists.

Why the Spiral Spring?

“We started the development with the idea that the spring should not only have varying degrees of firmness for purposes of personalisation, but that there should also be a ventilating effect in combination with the smart layered mattress. Our plastic spring has various advantages: the rim acts as a pressure distributor which works better with the foam. This product is also ideal for customised solutions and cannot rust. ” explains Peter Uytterhaegen.

Cooperation with Vrijdaghs

Bekina® Indurub has a cooperation agreement with mattress specialist, Vrijdaghs, in Lokeren. About a year ago, we both started testing the new spiral spring in combination with various foam rubber cores.

Nico Goossens: “We eventually came up with a mattress with different layers: a comfort layer combined with a support layer, a pressure distributor made from reticulated foam and plastic springs in the base layer. We tested all kinds of foam types, sought the ideal layer construction, performed a Wet Compression Set, examined the porosity, etc.”


The 21 cm high mattress (foam with springs) is ready and offers the following advantages:

  • better lasting comfort than traditional pocket on any kind of support (slatted bedframe, box)
  • no magnetic radiation
  • increased ventilation
  • diversity of materials
  • suitable for different physiques
  • optimum comfort too for side sleepers
  • can be composed to order (private label)


We are currently ‘teasing’ the market and finding out how well it will be received as a whole. If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Source: Trade journal ‘Slapen’, August 2018 (p36-37-38) by Jan Hoffman