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smart plate

16-5-2017 | The new adjustable 'Smart Plate' from Bekina® Indurub is the only plate system for slatted bases that can be set in up to 4 positions. Its TPE-E suspension consists of 4 identical and symmetrical legs, which ensure an even & stable compression when put under load.

Twist & Set

In order to offer the optimal comfort to every type of sleeper, the plate – unique in the market - can be set in up to 4 positions: thanks to an easy, but clever rotating movement the spring can be placed in the desired position, reaching a new position with every quarter turn of the plate.

Adaptable sleeping position

The numbers 1 to 4 visible on the plate (1 = soft and 4 = firm) indicate the position set by the user. Furthermore, a click is heard with every new position reached. Each selected position offers a different level of comfort, which is obviously a clear advantage. Depending on your body type & length and personal preference you can choose a different position per zone. In addition, the high-quality TPE-E the suspension is made of, has excellent recovery properties. So at the end of a long tiring day, a bed base made with this Smart Plate will offer a ‘priceless’ night’s sleep making sure you can start your day fresh and lively.


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