Bekina® Indurub: Innovator in the bedding industry

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19-10-2016 | In its September edition The French business magazine Courrier du Meuble showcases Bekina® Indurub as an example of innovation in bedding. The magazine refers mainly to our latest innovation: the Sigma Smart adjustable spring for slatted bases.

Sigma Smart was launched last year, during the Interzum 2015. The innovative bed spring is very well received by bedding specialists worldwide. This adjustable spring has a handy adjustment button at the top of the spring allowing easy adjustment. Depending on the desired support of a particular body area, there is the choice between three different counter pressures: soft, medium or firm. Thus contributing to an optimum sleeping comfort.

Apart from highlighting the technological innovation of products such as the Sigma Smart, Courrier du Meuble also praises the aesthetic improvements in the bedding industry. With the development of the Sigma Smart, Bekina® Indurub also launched various designs making it possible to further personalize slatted bases. Especially the quilted fabric design has a pleasant look and contributes to the user experience.

Products for the bedding industry should be attractive to consumers. All products that help personalizing the headboard of a bed, the bed frame or its accessories give manufacturers a strong competitive advantage”, claims Courrier du Meuble.

Read the full article(French): “Literie: L’innovation permanente des fournisseurs


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