Bekina® Indurub obtains prestigious Cradle to Cradle certificate bronze

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26-02-2018 | As of today, Bekina® Indurub can offer its customers Cradle to Cradle certified products based on rigid and flexible plastics. In recent years, the company has strongly focused on reducing its ecological footprint, among other things by preventing waste water and paying special attention to renewable energy. Besides the conscious choice of materials without risk to health and reusing them, there is also a strong focus on social projects. As a result, sustainability has become more deeply embedded in the company structure.


“Among the injection-moulding specialists in the market, we were the first to go for Cradle to Cradle certification.” says Area Sales Manager Vanessa Verbeken. “About a year ago, we took the initiative of investigating the possibilities of having a selection of existing plastics certified. We opted for the high-value plastics. These materials offer the biggest added value in the market. The combination of the high-value plastics choice, the vision regarding their reuse and the positive influence on people and the environment fully corresponds with the mindset of our target audience in this market.” she says. "Products made from certified TPE-E and polyamide consist of a 100% reusable compound which, at the end of its lifecycle, can be endlessly reused. Another big step forward in Corporate Social Responsability."

Declaration: People, Planet, Profit

Peter Uytterhaegen, Operations and Product Innovation Director adds: “This Bronze Cradle to Cradle certificate complements our corporate philosophy of caring about the environment, the scarcity of raw materials and the growing waste mountain. In addition, we place a high priority on people every day, in all our activities. This goes far beyond the ergonomics of the workplace. Increasing account is being taken of spiritual and social welfare. An example of this is the BRAVO project. This stands for Bewegen, Rookstop, Voeding en Ontstressen (exercise, smoking cessation, nutrition and de-stressing). We have also set up various working groups internally, consisting of company employees who will formulate improvement projects. Companies who are aware of the importance of people and the planet and who want to make a difference in this regard will not go wrong if they come to us.” Bekina® Indurub is thus helping to reduce the footprint of the manufacturing industry.

Good examples of our Cradle to Cradle products are our TPE-E springs for slatted bases.



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