Bekina Indurub launches the Safe2Handle door opener

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KLUISBERGEN, June 2020 - Bekina Indurub launches the Safe2Handle door opener.

Combating the spread of bacteria and viruses is quite a challenge. In order to prevent contamination with, for example, COVID-19 by hands, it is therefore recommended to open and close doors 'hands free'.  The Safe2Handle door opener can be mounted easily and quickly on the existing cylindrical door handle. This way you can easily open and close doors with your forearm or elbow. The Safe2Handle door opener was developed in collaboration with the 3D printing specialist Materialise (Louvain).


Of course everyone wants to go back to normal life, but only if this can be done in a safe way. "The design was made in cooperation with Materialise who developed a number of 3D printed solutions for the hands-free opening of doors. It quickly became clear to us that printing alone is not enough to meet the great demand (companies, government institutions, schools, hospitals, ...). Injection moulding is the solution. In addition, the Safe2Handle can be produced in colour" explains Vanessa Verbeken, Area Sales Manager at Bekina Indurub.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

Sustainable entrepreneurship is in the DNA of Bekina Indurub. "We want to contribute to curbing the spread of the COVID-19 virus and assume our responsibility as a Belgian production company. With the development of this product, we want to reduce the risk of contamination and provide contamination-free door handles in buildings and public areas" says Rik Langerock, Managing Director.

Easy is the key word

Safe2Handle is easy to install and easy to use. This door opener is made of the highly recyclable plastic PP (PolyPropylene). Thanks to its smooth surface it is also easy to clean. An additional advantage is that the Safe2Handle is easy to disassemble without damaging the existing door handle. Thanks to the non-slip rubber pads the Safe2Handle neatly stays in place and fits on any cylindrical door handle with 16 to 22 mm diameter. 

The Safe2Handle hygienic door opener is supplied per set of two, so for both door handles. Check our website for our partners.

Bekina Indurub was founded 50 years ago in Kluisbergen (BE) in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes. The specialty of Bekina Indurub is custom injection moulding with a focus on flexible and high-end plastics. Since 2018, Bekina Indurub is Cradle-to-Cradle certified (bronze) for injection-moulded products based on high performance rigid and flexible plastics. The company has 20 employees and realized a turnover of 5.2 million euros in 2019.

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