Bekina® Indurub invests EUR 300,000 in machinery

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Custom plastic injection moulding, that is our speciality. Since 1970, we have specialised in the injection moulding of high-quality plastics and rubbers in every conceivable colour, composition and hardness for the most diverse niche markets and sectors.

The purchase of a new 500T machine now also enables us to offer larger moulded products or multiple moulds for larger series.

Injection moulding with a 500T machine

Our new machine has a closing force of 500 tons and an injection volume of 2600 cm³. In specific terms, this means we can inject parts up to 2.3 kg in hard plastic such as PP or even 2.6 kg in SBS.

The 500T machine is also equipped with a robotic arm to take the products out of the mould and remove the sprues.

No movement = no energy consumption

Thanks to the Ecodrive® system, the hydraulic pump is activated only when the machine is in motion. Or, in short, no movement means no energy consumption. This helps us to lower our energy consumption significantly - by almost 50%. This fits in perfectly with the strategy of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and the VOKA charter.

Our plant now comprises 25 injection moulding machines, 9 of which are Ecodrive® models.


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