A unique bottle cover for 7 Sins ‘Pride’ gin

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‘7 SINS’ is the popular gin from the Knokke-based company WowConcepts. To launch a new gin at the height of the gin trend, you need a convincing concept. The company therefore wanted to get in fast with a unique bottle cover, but had no previous experience in developing plastic products. A non-obligation meeting with injection moulding company Bekina® Indurub soon got everything up and running.

 “It had been our ambition for some time to put a premium gin on the market, and suddenly gin was all the rage. It was now or never”, says Ken Van den Berghe, manager at WowConcepts. A fast change of gear was required, and so WowConcepts went in search of a reliable partner to develop their bottle cover at short notice.


After some prospecting, Ken Van den Berghe arrived at Bekina® Indurub. “We had some initial threshold fear, since we had no previous experience with developing plastic products. We really had no idea what chemical or physical properties a bottle cover was required to have. During our first meeting with Bekina® Indurub there were both commercial and technical people present. Together they created a 3D design based on our idea. Three months later, we had our ideal bottle cover”, says Ken Van den Berghe.

Your ideal injection-moulded product in 5 steps

Julie De Vos, sales representative at Bekina® Indurub explains why her team is on the ball so quickly: “Our 5-step plan is our biggest advantage".

  • Step 1: During a preliminary meeting, we analyse your idea and identify the specific product properties you require.
  • Step 2: We then quickly deliver a preliminary digital design
  • Step 3: We make an actual prototype for you to assess the future injection-moulded product
  • Step 4: Following your approval, we make the product in a small series for the final testing
  • Step 5: Putting your final product into production


Need an out-of-the-box solution?

Experience with the plastic and rubber processing industry is entirely unnecessary before collaborating with Bekina® Indurub. Together with you, we will seek the best solution, often out of the box, so that you can move faster than your competitors.

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