Bekina Indurub scored golden EcoVadis 2022 medal

Sustainability is key to Bekinas long-term strategy, therefore EcoVadis is the perfect tool for Bekina to evaluate ourselves at the level of social, environmental and economic performance. We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded a Golden EcoVadis Medal at the first participation. This internationally recognized sustainability rating places Bekina among the top 5% of companies assessed by EcoVadis. This Ecovadis reward is a great recognition, but only the beginning of an exciting journey.

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12/11/2021 - Bekina, proud owner of the ISO 14001 certificate since November 2021.

The ISO 14001 certificate guarantees the implementation of an effective environmental management system by an organization. This means that Bekina NV manages the environmental aspects associated with her activities in a structured manner.

Not many organizations of our size apply ISO 14001, but for Bekina NV sustainability and the reduction of the impact on our environment are a priority. That’s why we believe it’s important to invest in this domain.

14/07/2021 - Delivery new pick-and-place robots!

Bekina Indurub machine park is further automated with pick-and-place robots. In addition to the 6 robots that were already present on machines of different tonnages (50-80-125-160-500T and the 2K machine), an extra 80 and 160-tonner are now equipped with this type of automation.


05/05/2021 - Operation Clean Sweep

Pollution of our oceans by plastics and microplastics has regularly attracted attention in recent years and months. This global problem has been underestimated for a long time. Operation Clean Sweep (OCS) is an initiative of the European plastics processing industry to strongly reduce the pollution of our environment starting already from the production phase. Bekina as a group of companies wishes to fulfil a leading role within the plastics sector with regard to this topic, and in a broader sense in the field of sustainability in general.`


15/04/2021 - Handling energy in a more sustainable way, one of Bekina's objectives!

Handling energy in a more sustainable way is one of Bekina's objectives and is absolutely necessary to ensure our future as a company. Our partner to achieve this objective is research and energy consultancy agency Bureau 9000. They guide us to manage our sustainable energy use.


1/12/2020 - Bekina Indurub turned 50

On July 1st 2020, Bekina Indurub turned 50 years old! We would have liked to celebrate this during a great party at our company, but unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic, this plan was cancelled. Still, we didn’t not want this festive event to pass by just like that. That’s why we surprised our customers with a Bekina Indurub party box, filled with all kinds of treats from our region. This way we could thank our customers for the many years of collaboration and partnership and for the trust in our company.

27/10/2020 - Bekina receives the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Pioneer Certificate!

Sustainable Entrepreneurship is embedded in our company's DNA. Every day, our people work together to address several of the United Nations’ areas of development - the so-called 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).


20/08/2020 - Bekina Indurub Cradle to Cradle certification (bronze) for injection moulded products based on high performance rigid and flexible plastics extended by 2 years

We are proud to announce that Bekina Indurub once again has been awarded the Cradle to Cradle bronze certificate for injection moulded products based on high performance rigid and flexible plastics. Over the next two years, we can present this certificate again for a specific range of injection moulded products such as the TPE-E springs for slatted bases. We are also adding the latest design, Lambda Smart, to the honours list.


05/06/2020 - Bekina Indurub launches the Safe2Handle door opener


Combating the spread of bacteria and viruses is quite a challenge. In order to prevent contamination with, for example, COVID-19 by hands, it is therefore recommended to open and close doors 'hands free'.


10/10/2019 - Bekina® Indurub invests EUR 300,000 in machinery

The purchase of a new 500T machine now also enables us to offer larger moulded products or multiple moulds for larger series.


29/04/2019 - Injection-moulding specialist Bekina Indurub invests in product range based on Cradle-to-Cradle principle

Injection-moulding specialist Bekina Indurub has earned a bronze Cradle to Cradle certificate. Products that feature this label can be reused indefinitely.

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12/03/2019 - “Interzum 2019 - new Smartline product launch!”

Within a few months Interzum takes place in Cologne. From 21th till 24th May the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design opens his doors. This year we’re very excited to introduce you to our new Smartline product, the Lambda Smart.


15/11/2018 - “The future of the plastic mattress spring”

De Slaapraad VZW (the Sleep Council) is aiming to make everyone aware of the importance of sleeping well. As part of this, they are highlighting the fact that a mattress needs to be replaced after ten years of use. With its Sleep Council Academies,  the Slaapraad is also focusing initiatives on professionals from the world of sleep. For example, last summer the Slaapraad visited Bekina® Indurub for a workshop on our latest innovation in the area of plastic mattress springs.


19/10/2018 - Bekina® Indurub is investing in the purchase of 2 Ecodrive® injection moulding machines

Notwithstanding the fact that the purchase of machines is always an investment, Bekina® Indurub consciously renews its machine pool in stages. We invest in the purchase of new machines on a regular basis.


20/06/2018 - Bekina nv achieves VOKA CSR Charter

As everyone knows, Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the daily activities of our group of companies. Together we focus on the 5 Ps: Peace, People, Planet, Prosperity and Partnership. These are the 5 development areas of the United Nations.

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9/05/2018 - Workshop and company visit

'The future of the metal-free mattress spring'

Monday 28 May 2018

13/3/2018 - Success story: a unique bottle cover for 7Sins 'Pride' gin'

‘7 SINS’ is the popular gin from the Knokke-based company WowConcepts. To launch a new gin at the height of the gin trend, you need a convincing concept. The company therefore wanted to get in fast with a unique bottle cover, but had no previous experience in developing plastic products.


26/2/2018 - Bekina® Indurub obtains prestigious Cradle to Cradle certificate bronze

As of today, Bekina® Indurub can offer its customers Cradle to Cradle certified products based on rigid and flexible plastics.


16/5/2017 - Launch of the new 'Smart Plate'

smart plate

This new adjustable plate system consists of a TPE-E suspension with 4 identical and symmetric legs, which ensure an even & stable compression when put under load.


5/4/2017 - Interzum 2017: New product launch !

Bekina® Indurub will be launching a new product in its Smartline range at Interzum 2017. Interzum, which takes place 16th till 19th May, is the place to be for the leading and most innovative companies in the furniture industry.


7/11/2016 - Business Contact Days 2016 in Waregem

On 24th and 25th of November 2016, Bekina® Indurub will be exhibiting at the Business Contact Days in Waregem (Belgium).


19/10/2016 - Bekina® Indurub: innovator in the bedding industry

In its September edition The French business magazine Courrier du Meuble showcases Bekina® Indurub as an example of innovation in bedding. The magazine refers mainly to our latest innovation: the Sigma Smart adjustable spring for slatted bases.


30/09/2016 - 7 SINS 'PRIDE': Gin in a new jacket

7 sins pride gin bottle cover

7 SINS ‘PRIDE’ is a promising new gin that is not only distinctive in its taste, but also in its appearance. This gin, which will be launched on the Belgian market this autumn, will have a soft to the touch bottle cover.


17/10/2015 Metstrade show Amsterdam

We hereby would like to invite you to the world’s largest marine equipment trade show: the METSTRADE show in Amsterdam RAI (The Netherlands). This year, METSTRADE will be held from 17th till 19th  November 2015.


12/04/2015 Interzum 2015

From 5 to 8 May 2015, the leading and innovative suppliers from the furniture industry were all present at Interzum 2015 (Cologne - Germany). And so were we!



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