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Bekina Indurub, the TPE processing pioneer

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Bekina® Indurub works primarily with thermoplastic elastomers, such as the high-quality TPE-E; the variant that was developed specifically and solely by Bekina® Indurub TPE Light, or the flexible SBS/SEBS. In addition, we can also manufacture injection mould products using hard synthetics.

As a pioneer in TPE processing, Bekina® Indurub grew to become the market leader in the development and production of soft and flexible synthetic products. We are happy to guide you through the many materials on offer here.

       • SBS: Styrene-Butylene-Styrene
       • SEBS: Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene-Styrene
       • TPV: Thermoplastic Vulcanizates
       • TPE-E: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer
       • TPU: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
       • TPE Light: unique Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer Light
       • Project-specific TPE

SBS: Styrene-Butylene-Styrene

This very soft, rubbery TPE is used primarily in applications where mechanical performance and chemical properties are less important, but where the excellent soft-touch and grip are valued. In volume, these materials represent the most important group, because through ongoing development we can now offer a very interesting price-quality ratio.

Bekina® Indurub produces a range of SBS-based products, such as rubber flexes for slatted bases, ladder feet or end pieces for scaffolding, bumpers, door knobs, flexible covers, etc.

SEBS: Styrene-Ethylene-Butylene–Styrene

This advanced development of SBS maintains the very soft rubbery properties, but also has significantly improved weather resistance, temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

These materials perform excellently, also at a mechanical level. Today, their applications are almost unlimited. There is also a fully transparent variety of SEBS, with declaration of nutritional suitability or medical certificate if necessary.

Typical applications are found in high-quality slatted bases, outdoor applications in construction and building, dental bits for cosmetic applications, etc.
SEBS is a very interesting alternative to TPV (see further), because it combines the similar weather resistance with improved mechanical properties and an attractive price.

TPV: Thermoplastic Vulcanizate

These are vulcanised rubber compounds (usually EPDM) in a matrix of Polypropylene (PP) so that they can be processed as thermoplastics. They offer similar properties to SEBS, with the advantage of a slightly higher temperature resistance.

TPE-E: Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer

Very high-quality materials, particularly valued due to their very good flexibility, even after years of intensive use.

This material, which is slightly harder than SBS, SEBS and TPV, allows us to develop products that need to match the best - much more expensive - thermoset rubbers or metal springs as far as hysteresis is concerned. In addition, they offer excellent chemical properties and an interesting heat resistance. Weather resistant varieties are also available.

Bekina® Indurub probably has the widest range of TPE-E flex elements for slatted bases on the market. Long suspension, elasticity, stability and long life make these springs the best in the business.

TPU: Thermoplastic Poly-Urethane

An interesting TPE due to its extremely strong mechanical properties, such as resistance to wear-and-tear and tensile strength. There are also oil-resistant varieties and hydrolysis-resistant types.

Bekina® Indurub processes this raw material in products such as cleanroom soles for use in medical or electronic sensitive environments. But also in strong bump strips or anti-slip strips for all types of devices.

TPE Light

In 2010, Bekina® Indurub developed its own, unique TPE with properties that hover between SEBS and TPE-E. This makes us the only ones in the market today to offer flexes for slatted bases that combine the long suspension, stability and long life of TPE-E with a competitive price.

TPE-Light is also an interesting alternative to shock-resistant harder synthetics.

Project-specific TPE

Bekina® Indurub has its own compounding line where we can develop and produce project-specific or customer-specific compounds.