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In 5 steps to your perfect product

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Custom injection moulding of synthetics and vulcanised rubber

We manufacture in every imaginable colour or composition, taking into consideration the desired hardness, elasticity or chemical resistance.
The options, applications and combinations are endless.

Our specialization?

Injection moulding products ranging from several grams to approx. 1 kg. We also have a range of flexible profiles, ranging from several grams to 1 kg/m.

Custom injection moulding in 5 steps

Our 5-step plan guarantees you the best professional guidance. Together we select the suitable materials and design the correct concept in order to achieve the desired product characteristics.

Technical and commercial know-how 

It allows us to act quickly, even if you have very little experience in (the development of) synthetic products. Contact us without obligation

STEP 1: Idea and concept

Together we will analyse your idea and find out which specific product characteristics you desire. Next, we determine which materials are suitable for your specific application. Thanks to our strong technical-commercial team, we can create an achievable concept or re-think your existing product.

STEP 2: Design in 2D or 3D (CAD-CAM)

Visualisation is essential in product development. Therefore, we will give you a first digital design of your custom injection moulding product quickly. You will then be able to visualise what your product will or could look like. This rapid feedback allows you to adjust the concept at an early stage.

STEP 3: Prototyping

We will give you a tangible, realistic prototype for optimum evaluation of the future product. This is the perfect phase to iron out small details.

STEP 4: Pre-series

Following your approval of the prototype, we will make a test mould. We inject material into the test mould in small series and perform all the required functional tests. The design can still be adjusted in this phase.

STEP 5: Production

Following your feedback on the samples we provided in step 4, we will make the final mould and move on to pre-production. Is everything as it should be? Then we will start the serial production of your finalised product.