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At Bekina® Indurub the employees are always our main concern. Because they are only strong enough to grow if they feel good.

  • Our employees can depend on an ergonomic workplace
  • We encourage our employees to exercise more, to eat more healthily and to stop smoking with the help of professional coaches. We call this the BRAVO project (Bewegen, Rookstop, Voeding en Ontstressen) [Exercise, nutrition, stopping smoking, de-stressing]. For example, we provide e-bikes for commuting.


Environment-friendly enterprise is in our company’s DNA. In cooperation with our partners and suppliers, we carefully select the best raw materials and process them in a way that has the least possible impact on the environment.

  • We have a Cradle to Cradle certified product range (TPE-E and polyamide products)
  • Our production methods are energy-efficient, aided by our solar panels
  • We have constructed an extensive green area around our premises, with diverse fauna and flora
  • We provide substantial financial support to our municipality for the maintenance of the green heritage


Bekina® Indurub proves that Socially Responsible Enterprise pays. Through our big investment in energy-saving measures and production efficiency, we are managing to grow our turnover while reducing the impact on the environment.