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50 years of know-how

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Synthetic injection moulding, 50 years of know-how

Using the latest injection moulding techniques and the most advanced machinery, Bekina® Indurub develops and produces a wide range of synthetic products and rubbers. From components for slatted bases or mattresses, to dental bits, toys and door stoppers.

Bekina® Indurub started in 1970 with the production of technical moulded articles for industrial applications with semi-automatic injection moulding. At the time, we primarily produced anti-slip ladder feet, machine components and container binders.

Today our focus lies mainly on the development & production of made to order synthetics. We shape our customer’s ideas and use custom injection moulding to create the perfect synthetic product for them using fully automated injection moulds. This is achieved thanks to our specialised materials knowledge, international know-how and years of technical expertise.

Bekina® Indurub distinguishes itself through:

Custom injection moulding: from concept to final product “in 5 steps”
• Specialised knowledge of materials and production methods
• Revolutionary and customer-specific solutions for all industries
• Fast service that is focused on quality and tailored to your company.